Whether you are seasoned athlete or a novice trainee, Olando's Kick Boxing workout is guaranteed to sculpt and strengthen.




Women's Kick Boxing:


In our Princess Warrior class, where only women are allowed (minus the coach), you can put your heart at ease as you will be training with other women who have similar goals.


Monday  I  Wednesday  I  Friday    9a - 10a




Adult I Weekend Warrior Kick Boxing:

Our kick boxing training program was designed by a 5-Time World Kick Boxing Champion. With over 30 years of experience, he has seen workout fads come and go, but this program has stood the test of time.


Monday  I  Wednesday   6p - 7p

Tuesday  I  Thursday       5p - 6p

Saturday                            9a - 10a




Children's Kick Boxing:

The Premier Martial Arts training for youth in Tampa! Through strength training and agility-focused drills, your child will develop balance, speed, agility, control, and awareness of his or her body. Whether they want to continue in Martial Arts or excel at another sport, our program will help them reach their full potential.


TEEN WARRIORS - Monday  I  Wednesday  I  Friday   4p - 5p

LITTLE WARRIORS - Monday  I  Wednesday  I  Friday   5p - 6p





Sensory Warriors:

A Martial Arts Program for Children on the Autism Sensory where we teach them hand-eye coordination, balance, & flexibility. Designed by a Professional Athlete, 5-time World Kick Boxing Champion, and parent of a child on the autism sensory, Olando “The Warrior” Rivera.


Saturday - 11a - 12p



p. 813-872-6964

a. 3420 W. Main Street     Tampa, FL 33607